We are climbing guides. It is our lifetime hobby. We know all the traditional climbs of our clasic sumits and main rockfaces of the Costa Blanca. Our guides have been not only developing new crags and putting new climbs on  all our massifs since 1990, but also contributing with publications and guidebooks to the development of some areas like Sella, Toix, Mascarat, Puig Campana, etc. Let yourself be adviced by our instructors to choose the best climbs and adventures according to your fitness level, experience, challenges and the meteo.

Sport climbing

There is no  better place than the Costa Blanca to  start rock climbing. The best quality limestone, with dozens of easy access areas, well bolted climbs south facing: Guaranteed climbs in mid winter when everyone else can only climb on climbing walls!

We provide all you need, there is no need to go shopping for food or cook after a long days of climbing, just drink a beer and relax until dinner!

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In 6 climbing days you will learn all basic climbing skills, how to belay, abseil with diferent devices, choose the right equipment and its care and maintenance.  Also will learn to abseil from lower off systems, and basic self rescue. Eventually and according to your progression you will be able to lead some easy climbs, always supervised and assessed by our instructors.

Traditional Climbing

It is the original and pure style of progressing along the rock protecting the potential falls with removable gear, no bolts. This style of climbing will give you the skills to attempt any climb to any mountain area around the world, from easy multipitch routes to alpine style ascents, where theres no placed protection.

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Course content:

In 6 climbing days you will learn to identify all the different generations of removable protection, the use of pitons and hammer, also how to set up safe belays and how to belay and organise all the equipment on multipitch routes. Also advanced self rescue, and topo reading, ethics and protocols on this fabulous type of climbing that will literally open the doors to new mountain exploration! By the end of the week you will be confident to lead easy traditionl routes placn your own protection and setting belay systems.

Private guiding

Here at the Costa Blanca we have many climbs of “Dolomitic” dimensions. Being locals, means we know where to go and what to do according to the meteo and  your abilities and expectations. You choose your climbs. Ideal for the solo traveler, we offer our advice according to your climbing level  and type of climb. You can lead  your climbs. We can be the best climbing partner. And the most important, we know how to bring you back down!

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